Saturday 1 August 2015

Why Social media is a MUST for your business.

Today, the biggest concern of most businessmen is how to maximize the growth of their organization.
Growth of an organization means earning higher profits and achieving higher market share. For any type of business the most superior thing is to use its available resources optimally and reach out for the customers at large. Some entrepreneurs consider social media marketing as a passing fashion while some feel that it’s the new “IN”. Many entrepreneurs are of the opinion that the goodwill of social media marketing is a profitable one whereas on the other hand some entrepreneurs feel that social media marketing is unnecessarily hyped.

The statistics shows, 92% of marketers in 2014 claimed that social media marketing was important for their business, with 80% indicating their efforts increased traffic to their websites. 97% of marketers are currently participating in social media—but 85% of participants aren’t sure what social media tools are the best to use.

Social media marketing is termed Powerful because it is beneficial in many ways:
  • It Is Cost Effective: Marketing through traditional methods is very costly as compared to social media marketing. It reduces the marketing costs. Even some paid advertisements on social media platforms are relatively cheaper varying as per the size and nature of business.

  • Increases Website Traffic: Nowadays, who doesn’t want to be ahead of his competitors? Due to a noticeable presence on social media, there’s a high possibility to rank ahead of others. Google and other search engines might rank the companies on the basis of their social media presence thinking that most famous brands function through social media. The more social media accounts you handle, the more leads are generated for your website.

  • Easy To Receives Feedback & Understands Customer Behavior: Social media marketing enables an entrepreneur to receive valuable feedback about the products/services and launches thus it helps to evaluate & monitor the views held by the audience about the business. It helps gather the statistics about the customer preferences through spontaneous reviews posted on its social media page. This in return assist to improve products/services of the business.

  • Effective in Targeting your audience: Through social media marketing, a businessman can focus on the right audience thus gaining far reaching benefits. Targeting the right audience at the right time at the right place generates a higher market share for the company. This also reduces cost and increases the leads as only the ads reach to  concerned people.

  • Make your brand captivating and appealing: Traditional way of marketing doesn’t help much to communicate on every concerned topics, to contribute on it and give your say over it. No one will really come to know what your brand really thinks, the values you imbibe, what you stand for and support to, what your brand would never approve for because your brand, your business is also a different identity which has rights to hold various views and values of its own. It would get annoying if that is done through traditional marketing. But digital marketing and social media gives you an edge to put forward your views, show your audience what your brand thinks, show the concern and support to your fans. It helps give your brand its identity easily, which in return associates to different people preference and appeals the audience. It creates a fancy for the brand to which people look up for the ways it has positioned itself. Social Media easily positions your brand allowing timely communications to reach right people with right messages at right time.

To achieve the above benefits, it is vital to comprehend this platform and abide by some specific rules:

Rule 1: Listen: The essence of social media marketing lies in listening to your customers. Participate in discussions with them to understand their needs and conduct accordingly. So, Listen more and Talk less!

Rule 2: Patience: Your business would not achieve success just after launching yourself on social media. It requires continuous efforts and patience to reap the fruits.

Rule 3: Influence: If you publish quality content and work to build your online audience of quality followers, they’ll share it with their own audiences on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, their own blogs and more. Spend time finding the online influencers in your market who have quality audiences and are likely to be interested in your products, services and business.

Rule 4: Focus: Posting and publishing the content is not the only thing about social media marketing but developing creative content and maintaining strong relation with customers is also mandatory.

Rule 5: Availability: After launching your content on social media, it’s very important to be available for solving the problems of your devoted customers. On this platform, even your competitors are playing the similar game so it’s important to be updated and participate in conversations with your customers. what will make you stand out in the market of social media is you being responsive to your audience. which rates your after sales services. So, Don’t Disappear

Social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and other such similar platforms provides an edge to your business and elevates you to the next level thus pushing you more closer to success. Thousands of businessmen are still unaware about the benefits of social media marketing and hence never turn towards this platform. Such businessmen never get the chance to converse with their customers. This clearly puts light on the importance of engaging in conversation with your customers and not just creating your presence aimlessly on social media.

So are you convinced to make the right decision for your business marketing?  If still not! then, Just give it a try to know the potential and power of social media.


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