Monday 6 April 2015

Are Other pages on your website as important as your Home page?

In the cases of most websites a posh Home page is followed by a less than impressive landing page.  Most companies build the Home page of their websites with clear identification of their sites key topics with a clear description on how to proceed further. Majority of sites primarily focus on their Home page. 

While this isn’t a bad approach to creating your site, it certainly isn’t the best.
What happens when your visitors don’t arrive directly on your Home page? It is simply too difficult to determine where they will land up on your site. Search engines, blogs and even other sites can easily link into your interior pages.
The idea of a Home page is nothing more but an artificial construct. A Home page is Front page equivalent of a book or a magazine. But unlike a book or magazine there is no guarantee that your visitors will directly arrive on your Home page.

The best way to address this issue is to design and write content for Every page on your website in the knowledge that it may be the First page people come across on your site.
In other words, always design every page on your site as if it’s your home page.

After the many years of practice and implementation on a great number of clients, we at Senseware have finally gained an expertise into the implementation of this theory.
 So pick up the phone call us and give us a few minutes of your time, so we can help you expand your business to never before seen heights.

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