Monday 6 April 2015

Is your website invisible?

Brick and mortar companies don’t refuse to put a sign up in front of their businesses just because they have put large amounts of money into promoting themselves via television advertising. Online companies, likewise, should not disregard optimizing their sites for search engines – a relatively inexpensive exercise –simply because they have put large amounts of money into other marketing strategies.
                                                                                                          - Jordan, 2008

You can have the best website ever, with majority of its design and content in a league of its own. You can invest thousand’s or even lakh’s of rupees into the creation of your website. But if no one can find your site all the expenditure of your time and money would have been in vain. By ignoring SEO, you’re ignoring the most common way people search for things on the internet. A website with good search engine listings will gain more visibility. And more visibility eventually leads to healthier traffic which in turns leads to sales. People who get to your site via a search engine are by definition more qualified leads and will more likely purchase your products or services. There is a simple truth in this logic. If someone conducts a search for certain keywords and phrases directly related to your products or services, they will match with you and be far more open to your offering.
Here at Senseware we believe if you create a website you have to use SEO. You need to be positive that when your visitors enter a phrase or word to search for your website they shouldn’t land on the websites of your competitors.

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