Saturday 4 April 2015

Effective Web Design Formula

Creating a successful website starts with having an effective process. Here’s a brief look into the 3 components integrated into every website designed by us. 

 Design is the first aspect one should always consider when creating a website. Lately people have made a habit of looking up the internet for most of their needs.  There’s a brief pause when a potential customer visits your website, in those few seconds that consumer will decide whether he’ll hit ‘’back” or whether he’ll move forward and open a new tab on your site. If you’re hoping those consumers always opt for the latter. The key would lie in capturing the consumer’s attention in those brief seconds using the visual aspects of your website. That’s why here at Senseware we understand the importance of design in every website. A website’s design will make the site visitor decide whether to stay and take action or leave.

Usability is an most important aspect one should consider when creating a website. Once a consumer realizes the availability of a product or service on your site, the most crucial next step would be granting easy access to that product or service. People shouldn’t have to spend anything more than 10secs or 3 clicks, looking for what they already know is available on your website. Any website no matter how lavish must always possess a simple interface. At Senseware we believe that no matter whatever happens at the end of the day, the important thing is whether or not the sale has been made.

The internet is a vast pit of information. Thousands of people simply log on to explore different interrelated websites until they get a clear picture of what they’re looking for.  The important factor for you to consider is, when people arrive on your website, they all provided with all the data required to make a quick, clear and informed decision. When it comes to content our motto here at Senseware is “keep it short and sweet”.  When people think they’ve found what they’re looking for, the next 3 to 5 lines of data provided by the site will determine the  difference between making the sale or just moving on to the next site.

Design, Content and Usability, if anyone or two of the three aspects are the primary focus your business website then that website would slowly but surely be destined to fail. All of these 3 aspects are interrelated and can only together lead to the completion of your business objective. But when all is said and done, the main focus of every business is to fulfill their digital goal or business objective. Accomplishing your digital goal is the only obstacle that stands in the way your business, “towering above the rest” and “lying flat on its back”. So no matter what your business objective might be, Leads Generation, E-Commerece, Brand Building or all of them put together, accomplishing these essential fundamentals will inevitably lead to Profitability.

Is your website balancing Design, Content & Usability in equal ratios?
Is your website fulfilling your digital goal?
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Is your website laying flat on its back?
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How we can help you help your website flourish?
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