Monday 13 April 2015

Interview with Mr. Ajay Prakash, Founder & CEO of Nomad Travels speaks on Importance of having a responsive website & Digital Marketing

Q1 : Why did you decide to revamp you website into a responsive (mobile) website?
Website needs to be alive to what is the need and frankly i was bored of my our website and i needed to revamp it. And what is important is that a website has to be well thought of and you just make a website because you want to make a website, you need to make it because you have a reason because you have a product because you have a service which you will be able to offer to much wider client base by creating a website

Q2 : how do you think it is important to have a mobile enabled website in today's current senario and do you think that people are using their mobile to view website more then desktop?
Defenetly, i is just not website it the whole emphasis of commerce is actually is shifting on to the mobile platform and if it is website merely offering you information it might be accessed much on mobile but if it offering a specific service then the younger generation we definitely and totally glued in and checking constantly. So yes website which display well on the mobile is essential.

Q3 : Also can you tell us how important Social Media play an important role in your business. 
Social Media is important but you need to engaged in the right way and not getting on to Social Media if you cannot handle it correctly. The wrong kind of response will turn people off.Having said that i have used Facebook but have not used Twitter to the extent one could. But it is also amount time someone has to do this and FaceBook definitely generate leads and also let to some business done because we where theter

Q4 : What are the TIPS that you can give to listers to this Audio
Firstly you have to distinguish from what is available in the market place as there is an over load of information. So you need to structure your product or your service in order to differentiate it from what others are offering, so this is the first thing.
If everyone is selling a ceiling fans then if you are selling a ceiling fan then it has to be revolutionary or it has to be ridiculously cheap. So you need to differentiate yourself which is the one.

Secondly, you need to update your product or your service offerings. The frequency with which you update things and the relevance of what you are updating has a direct baring on how it is ranked in the search engines, how it is looked by prospective clients and 

Thirdly, is that you definitely need to use Social Media to the best ability that you have. It might not be your 100% but you need to be out there and you need be doing it intelligently.

Q5 : Can you tell us how Senseware has helped you achieve all these?
Senseware has been pretty responsive for what we have asked, whether it was in terms of tweaking the website or in terms of the social media campaigns.It is young set of people and a dedicated set of people. So talking to them, communicating to them and getting them to do things has been quite easy so i think working with Senseware has been pretty good for us.

Q6 : Would you recommend people to work with Senseware ?

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