Monday 6 April 2015

Is the money you’re spending on SEO marketing for your business yielding dividends? Here’s how you can find out.

Once you’ve implemented and executed your SEO campaign it is positively essential to track your campaign and measure its progress. There are a number of ways to go about tracking your campaign.
Track your site’s search engine rankings.
Track the amount of traffic your site is receiving.
Track the number of returning visitors to your site.
Track the number of sales/conversions your site receives.
Track the link popularity of your site.
It is important to understand that ranking isn’t everything. The most important aspect is to understand the quantity of traffic brought to site is not as important as the quality. Ranking is completely meaningless unless the traffic they bring in through leads ultimately turns into sales.
Simply ask yourself in a given scenario what would you prefer 50 visitors on your website of which 30 make purchases off your products or services or a 250 visitors of which 15 make purchases?
Several variables should be examined on a regular basis in relation to metrics and conversion:
Pathway through your website.
Single access pages.
Most visited page and top entry pages.
Landing page for pay per click campaign.
Search phrases.
Search referrals.
There are many more such variables that may help you measure the progress of your SEO campaign. For a more detailed list of solutions please contact the experts.


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