Monday, 6 April 2015

The Big Three of SEO

The big three of in the search engine algorithm are keyword destiny, keyword prominence and link popularity. It is relevant when you seek to enhance your website, it is absolutely essential to understand what keywords and phrases your customers are most likely to use. The process of discovering these keywords and phrases is known as keyword research.
The success or failure of your search engine marketing begins and ends with keyword research.
It is not possible to accomplish your objectives in search engine optimization without good keyword research.  Many companies don’t give enough relevance to keyword research, which generally leads to wrong keyword marketing and wrong keyword generation will attract the wrong types of audience to your website. This is why it is of upmost importance that when you select keywords for your website, always select terms that best describe your product or service in the simplest way possible. This will guarantee that your website not only increases its influx but also attracts the right type of audience who are qualified and ready to purchase your product or service.
Here are some tips you can use while selecting your keywords.
Understand your target market.
Make a list of those marketers you are targeting.
Figure out what keywords and search phrases they would use while searching for the particular product or service.
Analyze your competitor’s website and figure out the keywords they use.
Use keyword research tools.
Build your list until you have twice as many keywords and search phrases you need.
Always refine your list keeping your audience in mind.
Identify different target words for different pages.
Be simple logical and straight forward you don’t want to confuse your targeted audience.

This is just a list a small “to do list” of things you should keep in mind before selecting your keywords. For a more detailed and professional solution contact the experts.

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