Wednesday 23 September 2015

Top 6 Reasons why your Business needs Blogging

Are you on the crunch of launching your brand? or looking out for best marketing options to reach out to the masses? Take a well aware step when you start to build your brand image, because “A Work Well begun is half done”. Today, blogging has become the most important tool to reach out to customers, identify potential customers, address their grievances and impart them with quality information. This will help build trust in people leaving a lasting impression that would pull them back to be connected to the brand.
There is lot more to blogging then what is just visible. Find out the top most important reasons to have a blog for your business.

  1. Blogs attract traffic for your business
Content is the quintessence of digital marketing and blogs are its purest form. Through which we can briefly communicate to the people. The keywords used in the content of the blog can drive traffic to your website, which can lead to effective sales. Search engine optimization give the best results for business which has effective blog content. Websites can be the face of your business but it can’t be updated frequently with changing information. Blogs can be the most viable source to provide updates and changing information.

  1. Makes customer engagement effective
Blogs are the best way to give information to your customers. This would help them keep updated and gain knowledge about their concerned product or services in depth. Business can get data on how their customers perceive the brand, this helps to understand their preferences and to identify the potential customers. Writing comments on the blogs engages masses leading to generating quick feedbacks for the brand. Also this helps addressing people’s concern building a strong brand image in the market.

  1. Most efficient way of communication
Building up a good product or service is just not enough in this highly competitive market. Talking about it, addressing people’s concern, being a problem solver and building long term customer relation stands foremost for building a brand name. Through this we can reach to right people, who can become one of the most loyal customers of the brand.
  1. Blogs increases brand value
Through developing highly relevant content that provides best knowledge will always lend credibility to the business. People will develop trust with consistently performed actions. Due to  which a sense of brand loyalty can be established.
  1. Captivates potential sales leads
Once you have captured a good amount of audience and have succeeded in creating engagement it will captivate the readers, which can later get converted to paying customers. Also it will attract huge amount of organizations and influencer, building contacts for the business. Blogs not only act as a source of information but also a lead generation tool for the companies.

  1. It leads to new idea
As it engages customers and professionals, it serves the brand’s purpose to know the trends and preference in the market. Understanding about the customer’s perspective can be developed, feedback can be received through discussions. Which will help extracting new ideas for the business and bring innovation in its approach.

Blogs shows a brand a new perspective to think and a wide scope of development. Right steps taken in right direction always bears fruitful results.

Saturday 1 August 2015

Why Social media is a MUST for your business.

Today, the biggest concern of most businessmen is how to maximize the growth of their organization.
Growth of an organization means earning higher profits and achieving higher market share. For any type of business the most superior thing is to use its available resources optimally and reach out for the customers at large. Some entrepreneurs consider social media marketing as a passing fashion while some feel that it’s the new “IN”. Many entrepreneurs are of the opinion that the goodwill of social media marketing is a profitable one whereas on the other hand some entrepreneurs feel that social media marketing is unnecessarily hyped.

The statistics shows, 92% of marketers in 2014 claimed that social media marketing was important for their business, with 80% indicating their efforts increased traffic to their websites. 97% of marketers are currently participating in social media—but 85% of participants aren’t sure what social media tools are the best to use.

Social media marketing is termed Powerful because it is beneficial in many ways:
  • It Is Cost Effective: Marketing through traditional methods is very costly as compared to social media marketing. It reduces the marketing costs. Even some paid advertisements on social media platforms are relatively cheaper varying as per the size and nature of business.

  • Increases Website Traffic: Nowadays, who doesn’t want to be ahead of his competitors? Due to a noticeable presence on social media, there’s a high possibility to rank ahead of others. Google and other search engines might rank the companies on the basis of their social media presence thinking that most famous brands function through social media. The more social media accounts you handle, the more leads are generated for your website.

  • Easy To Receives Feedback & Understands Customer Behavior: Social media marketing enables an entrepreneur to receive valuable feedback about the products/services and launches thus it helps to evaluate & monitor the views held by the audience about the business. It helps gather the statistics about the customer preferences through spontaneous reviews posted on its social media page. This in return assist to improve products/services of the business.

  • Effective in Targeting your audience: Through social media marketing, a businessman can focus on the right audience thus gaining far reaching benefits. Targeting the right audience at the right time at the right place generates a higher market share for the company. This also reduces cost and increases the leads as only the ads reach to  concerned people.

  • Make your brand captivating and appealing: Traditional way of marketing doesn’t help much to communicate on every concerned topics, to contribute on it and give your say over it. No one will really come to know what your brand really thinks, the values you imbibe, what you stand for and support to, what your brand would never approve for because your brand, your business is also a different identity which has rights to hold various views and values of its own. It would get annoying if that is done through traditional marketing. But digital marketing and social media gives you an edge to put forward your views, show your audience what your brand thinks, show the concern and support to your fans. It helps give your brand its identity easily, which in return associates to different people preference and appeals the audience. It creates a fancy for the brand to which people look up for the ways it has positioned itself. Social Media easily positions your brand allowing timely communications to reach right people with right messages at right time.

To achieve the above benefits, it is vital to comprehend this platform and abide by some specific rules:

Rule 1: Listen: The essence of social media marketing lies in listening to your customers. Participate in discussions with them to understand their needs and conduct accordingly. So, Listen more and Talk less!

Rule 2: Patience: Your business would not achieve success just after launching yourself on social media. It requires continuous efforts and patience to reap the fruits.

Rule 3: Influence: If you publish quality content and work to build your online audience of quality followers, they’ll share it with their own audiences on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, their own blogs and more. Spend time finding the online influencers in your market who have quality audiences and are likely to be interested in your products, services and business.

Rule 4: Focus: Posting and publishing the content is not the only thing about social media marketing but developing creative content and maintaining strong relation with customers is also mandatory.

Rule 5: Availability: After launching your content on social media, it’s very important to be available for solving the problems of your devoted customers. On this platform, even your competitors are playing the similar game so it’s important to be updated and participate in conversations with your customers. what will make you stand out in the market of social media is you being responsive to your audience. which rates your after sales services. So, Don’t Disappear

Social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and other such similar platforms provides an edge to your business and elevates you to the next level thus pushing you more closer to success. Thousands of businessmen are still unaware about the benefits of social media marketing and hence never turn towards this platform. Such businessmen never get the chance to converse with their customers. This clearly puts light on the importance of engaging in conversation with your customers and not just creating your presence aimlessly on social media.

So are you convinced to make the right decision for your business marketing?  If still not! then, Just give it a try to know the potential and power of social media.

Wednesday 20 May 2015

The importance of E-commerce and the Infamous Shopping Cart

As we all know, e-commerce has been becoming a booming industry all over the world. There has been a surge in the number of e-commerce websites popping up over the past few years, and with good reason. Internet shopping has not only become more popular, it’s also much safer and more secure than it was years ago.
However E-commerce isn't without its flaws. One of the biggest challenges facing online retailers is attracting more visitors and improving conversion rates. This may seem obvious and of course it is, but the route to achieving this can be more complex than you think. You yourself will know how frustrating it is when you try to buy something online and everything just slows down, things start to buffer, and the entire user experience just starts to fall apart. Frustrated consumers will eventually look to another online retailer who can deliver their desired sales transaction in a quicker and simpler way. To stop this from happening you need to have a well thought off and executed e-commerce strategy.
There is no single key to a successful e-commerce strategy, there are a set of keys that you need to have in order to achieve success. These are SEO strategies, mobile commerce strategies, an appropriate e-commerce platform and user-friendly website functionality. If you can get all of them right then you’re on the right path.
One of the best ways to make the entire e-commerce process straight forward, is by creating a shopping cart software. E-commerce websites these days are built using sophisticated shopping cart software’s that are both easy for potential customers to navigate through and make purchases, but at the same time easy for business owners to update. The SenseCart is the ultimate shopping cart solution developed by our infinitely talented team. So don’t hesitate to call or mail us at your leisure if ever your business is stuck in a rut.

Wednesday 13 May 2015

Does a Mobile enabled website matter to your business?

We live in the age of smart phones. If you stop to think you will realize that the age of smart phones is here to stay for a long time. Smart phones are fast becoming the primary method of surfing the web. Majority of internet related work is now done on smart phones. Travelers across the world use their smartphones to book tickets, check emails, review hotels, browse outlets and anything else required on their journey. Travelers can now create an entire itinerary from anywhere in the world.

The ever so hard working men and women in the corporate sector now use smartphones for analytics, tracking emails, spreadsheets and even official presentations are processed without a help of a home computer or laptop. With almost anything and everything available online today, millions of people now shop online using their smartphones. Mobile technology is increasing at a rapid speed.

Today, India has 243 million internet users – more than the United States and second only to China. And they are leapfrogging traditional desk-bound technology. Facebook, the world’s biggest social networking site, says that it has more than 100 million users in India, of which nearly 84 million access the site through mobile phones. This suggests the rise of the mobile internet users. 

This is one of the reasons our team of experts here at Senseware have been constantly preaching to our clients for the past few years now, the importance of having a mobile friendly website. 

Google who haven't made it a habit of sharing information about their algorithms, posted an article expressing the importance of mobile-friendly websites. 
The very first lines of the article stating that: 
“When it comes to search on mobile devices, users should get the most relevant and timely results, no matter if the information lives on mobile-friendly web pages or apps. As more people use mobile devices to access the internet, our algorithms have to adapt to these usage patterns.”

Friday 8 May 2015

Top Ten Reasons Why You Need A Digital Strategy

You’re directionless! Without a digital strategy, your company lack clear strategic goals on what you want to achieve online. And even with a goal you need a digital marketing strategy to  evaluate through analytics whether or not you are achieving set goals.

There are 2 key components to your sales success. The key to success depends on differentiating yourself from your competitors. Your digital strategy can help you connect both of these key components to your audience.

When you don’t have a defined digital marketing strategy you can end up with various departments working at cross-purposes as they promote marketing messages that contradict each other.

With a well-planned digital marketing campaign in place, you can coordinate all of your online marketing strategies to raise your website’s profile and gain a higher ranking on search results. A great majority of internet users (potential customers) only go through the first page of Google to look for a certain product or service. That is why positioning on the search results is extremely important.

When insufficient resources are devoted to both planning and executing your digital marketing ambitions, you are likely to lack specific digital marketing skills which will make it challenging or even problematic to respond to competitive threats effectively.

Every company with a website has analytics. But a great number of companies do not have the time or resources to review or act on these analytics. A digital marketing  strategy enables you to continuously improve key aspects of digital marketing like search marketing, user experience, email and social media marketing.One important fact to remember is never live in the past. Keep innovating and try new approaches in order to gain and keep your online audiences.

Potential customers will constantly access several digital marketing channels while researching your services or products. With a well planned  digital strategy, you can incorporate data from all your digital marketing channels to get a clear picture of what each contributes to the sale. This will allow you to identify the most successful strategies so you can invest your resources to get the best Return On Investment.

Even though some companies may possess ample amount of resources. A large part of those resources are constantly wasted. This occurs when different parts of the marketing organizations purchase different tools or use different agencies for performing similar online marketing tasks. This is usually seen in bigger companies.

Last but not least we come to the lead generation part of your strategy. Many a times companies are satisfied with digital agencies or tools providing them with a substantial amount of leads. But in most cases its always the quality of leads that should always take priority over the quantity of leads.

Follow these key pointers and we are certain that your business will spring back to life. And if you still require any assistance be sure to contact us as your leisure.

Monday 13 April 2015

21st APRIL: Threat to your websites!


When it comes to search on mobile devices, your users should get the most relevant and timely results. Google have announced that as of 21st April, they will be expanding their use of mobile-friendliness of your website as a ranking signal.

What does this mean?
That your customers will not be able to search you on GOOGLE if your website is not responsive.
Don't lose half your customers when Google changes it's algorithm on 21st April in favour of mobile-friendly sites.

Is YOUR WEBSITE is mobile-friendly, test by clicking on the link :


Mobile devices now account for over 50% of Internet use. If your website is not mobile friendly, over half the world's Internet users will not be able to find YOUR website as easily after 21st April. And over half the people who do visit your site will still not be able to view it properly either. 

Google is still all about delivering an unbeatable user experience, and mobile usage is only growing:
  • 1/3 of organic search is now happening on mobile devices.
  • 60% of internet traffic overall is happening on mobile devices.
  • 18% of Millennials—who will be taking over the workforce in the next decade—are “mobile only” users, which means they do not own or frequently use desktop computers for internet access.
Mobile-compatible websites have been a best-practice since mobile internet access over-took desktop internet access at the dawn of 2014, but a year later, Google is adapting to—and thus speeding up—the trend.
And it’s not just B2C. As mobile devices get smarter and Millennials move into more corner offices, the B2B marketplace will be routed if caught unprepared. In fact, mobile-friendliness is already a significant B2B marketing issue. Google’s own research found that:
  • 14% of C-Suites have completed a business purchase on a mobile device.
  • 90% of execs have used their smartphones to research a business purchase.
  • 34% of buyers did not complete a purchase because they ran into non-mobile-friendly interfaces. 
Find out from the following blogs which confirms the News :

It’s good to be kept informed, you can ask us any question on

Interview with Mr. Ajay Prakash, Founder & CEO of Nomad Travels speaks on Importance of having a responsive website & Digital Marketing

Q1 : Why did you decide to revamp you website into a responsive (mobile) website?
Website needs to be alive to what is the need and frankly i was bored of my our website and i needed to revamp it. And what is important is that a website has to be well thought of and you just make a website because you want to make a website, you need to make it because you have a reason because you have a product because you have a service which you will be able to offer to much wider client base by creating a website

Q2 : how do you think it is important to have a mobile enabled website in today's current senario and do you think that people are using their mobile to view website more then desktop?
Defenetly, i is just not website it the whole emphasis of commerce is actually is shifting on to the mobile platform and if it is website merely offering you information it might be accessed much on mobile but if it offering a specific service then the younger generation we definitely and totally glued in and checking constantly. So yes website which display well on the mobile is essential.

Q3 : Also can you tell us how important Social Media play an important role in your business. 
Social Media is important but you need to engaged in the right way and not getting on to Social Media if you cannot handle it correctly. The wrong kind of response will turn people off.Having said that i have used Facebook but have not used Twitter to the extent one could. But it is also amount time someone has to do this and FaceBook definitely generate leads and also let to some business done because we where theter

Q4 : What are the TIPS that you can give to listers to this Audio
Firstly you have to distinguish from what is available in the market place as there is an over load of information. So you need to structure your product or your service in order to differentiate it from what others are offering, so this is the first thing.
If everyone is selling a ceiling fans then if you are selling a ceiling fan then it has to be revolutionary or it has to be ridiculously cheap. So you need to differentiate yourself which is the one.

Secondly, you need to update your product or your service offerings. The frequency with which you update things and the relevance of what you are updating has a direct baring on how it is ranked in the search engines, how it is looked by prospective clients and 

Thirdly, is that you definitely need to use Social Media to the best ability that you have. It might not be your 100% but you need to be out there and you need be doing it intelligently.

Q5 : Can you tell us how Senseware has helped you achieve all these?
Senseware has been pretty responsive for what we have asked, whether it was in terms of tweaking the website or in terms of the social media campaigns.It is young set of people and a dedicated set of people. So talking to them, communicating to them and getting them to do things has been quite easy so i think working with Senseware has been pretty good for us.

Q6 : Would you recommend people to work with Senseware ?

Thank you for reading this Transcript interview 

To know more about Mr. Ajay Prakash's travel business visit

To know more about Senseware, visit

Monday 6 April 2015

Is the money you’re spending on SEO marketing for your business yielding dividends? Here’s how you can find out.

Once you’ve implemented and executed your SEO campaign it is positively essential to track your campaign and measure its progress. There are a number of ways to go about tracking your campaign.
Track your site’s search engine rankings.
Track the amount of traffic your site is receiving.
Track the number of returning visitors to your site.
Track the number of sales/conversions your site receives.
Track the link popularity of your site.
It is important to understand that ranking isn’t everything. The most important aspect is to understand the quantity of traffic brought to site is not as important as the quality. Ranking is completely meaningless unless the traffic they bring in through leads ultimately turns into sales.
Simply ask yourself in a given scenario what would you prefer 50 visitors on your website of which 30 make purchases off your products or services or a 250 visitors of which 15 make purchases?
Several variables should be examined on a regular basis in relation to metrics and conversion:
Pathway through your website.
Single access pages.
Most visited page and top entry pages.
Landing page for pay per click campaign.
Search phrases.
Search referrals.
There are many more such variables that may help you measure the progress of your SEO campaign. For a more detailed list of solutions please contact the experts.

Is your website invisible?

Brick and mortar companies don’t refuse to put a sign up in front of their businesses just because they have put large amounts of money into promoting themselves via television advertising. Online companies, likewise, should not disregard optimizing their sites for search engines – a relatively inexpensive exercise –simply because they have put large amounts of money into other marketing strategies.
                                                                                                          - Jordan, 2008

You can have the best website ever, with majority of its design and content in a league of its own. You can invest thousand’s or even lakh’s of rupees into the creation of your website. But if no one can find your site all the expenditure of your time and money would have been in vain. By ignoring SEO, you’re ignoring the most common way people search for things on the internet. A website with good search engine listings will gain more visibility. And more visibility eventually leads to healthier traffic which in turns leads to sales. People who get to your site via a search engine are by definition more qualified leads and will more likely purchase your products or services. There is a simple truth in this logic. If someone conducts a search for certain keywords and phrases directly related to your products or services, they will match with you and be far more open to your offering.
Here at Senseware we believe if you create a website you have to use SEO. You need to be positive that when your visitors enter a phrase or word to search for your website they shouldn’t land on the websites of your competitors.

The Big Three of SEO

The big three of in the search engine algorithm are keyword destiny, keyword prominence and link popularity. It is relevant when you seek to enhance your website, it is absolutely essential to understand what keywords and phrases your customers are most likely to use. The process of discovering these keywords and phrases is known as keyword research.
The success or failure of your search engine marketing begins and ends with keyword research.
It is not possible to accomplish your objectives in search engine optimization without good keyword research.  Many companies don’t give enough relevance to keyword research, which generally leads to wrong keyword marketing and wrong keyword generation will attract the wrong types of audience to your website. This is why it is of upmost importance that when you select keywords for your website, always select terms that best describe your product or service in the simplest way possible. This will guarantee that your website not only increases its influx but also attracts the right type of audience who are qualified and ready to purchase your product or service.
Here are some tips you can use while selecting your keywords.
Understand your target market.
Make a list of those marketers you are targeting.
Figure out what keywords and search phrases they would use while searching for the particular product or service.
Analyze your competitor’s website and figure out the keywords they use.
Use keyword research tools.
Build your list until you have twice as many keywords and search phrases you need.
Always refine your list keeping your audience in mind.
Identify different target words for different pages.
Be simple logical and straight forward you don’t want to confuse your targeted audience.

This is just a list a small “to do list” of things you should keep in mind before selecting your keywords. For a more detailed and professional solution contact the experts.

Are Other pages on your website as important as your Home page?

In the cases of most websites a posh Home page is followed by a less than impressive landing page.  Most companies build the Home page of their websites with clear identification of their sites key topics with a clear description on how to proceed further. Majority of sites primarily focus on their Home page. 

While this isn’t a bad approach to creating your site, it certainly isn’t the best.
What happens when your visitors don’t arrive directly on your Home page? It is simply too difficult to determine where they will land up on your site. Search engines, blogs and even other sites can easily link into your interior pages.
The idea of a Home page is nothing more but an artificial construct. A Home page is Front page equivalent of a book or a magazine. But unlike a book or magazine there is no guarantee that your visitors will directly arrive on your Home page.

The best way to address this issue is to design and write content for Every page on your website in the knowledge that it may be the First page people come across on your site.
In other words, always design every page on your site as if it’s your home page.

After the many years of practice and implementation on a great number of clients, we at Senseware have finally gained an expertise into the implementation of this theory.
 So pick up the phone call us and give us a few minutes of your time, so we can help you expand your business to never before seen heights.

Saturday 4 April 2015

Effective Web Design Formula

Creating a successful website starts with having an effective process. Here’s a brief look into the 3 components integrated into every website designed by us. 

 Design is the first aspect one should always consider when creating a website. Lately people have made a habit of looking up the internet for most of their needs.  There’s a brief pause when a potential customer visits your website, in those few seconds that consumer will decide whether he’ll hit ‘’back” or whether he’ll move forward and open a new tab on your site. If you’re hoping those consumers always opt for the latter. The key would lie in capturing the consumer’s attention in those brief seconds using the visual aspects of your website. That’s why here at Senseware we understand the importance of design in every website. A website’s design will make the site visitor decide whether to stay and take action or leave.

Usability is an most important aspect one should consider when creating a website. Once a consumer realizes the availability of a product or service on your site, the most crucial next step would be granting easy access to that product or service. People shouldn’t have to spend anything more than 10secs or 3 clicks, looking for what they already know is available on your website. Any website no matter how lavish must always possess a simple interface. At Senseware we believe that no matter whatever happens at the end of the day, the important thing is whether or not the sale has been made.

The internet is a vast pit of information. Thousands of people simply log on to explore different interrelated websites until they get a clear picture of what they’re looking for.  The important factor for you to consider is, when people arrive on your website, they all provided with all the data required to make a quick, clear and informed decision. When it comes to content our motto here at Senseware is “keep it short and sweet”.  When people think they’ve found what they’re looking for, the next 3 to 5 lines of data provided by the site will determine the  difference between making the sale or just moving on to the next site.

Design, Content and Usability, if anyone or two of the three aspects are the primary focus your business website then that website would slowly but surely be destined to fail. All of these 3 aspects are interrelated and can only together lead to the completion of your business objective. But when all is said and done, the main focus of every business is to fulfill their digital goal or business objective. Accomplishing your digital goal is the only obstacle that stands in the way your business, “towering above the rest” and “lying flat on its back”. So no matter what your business objective might be, Leads Generation, E-Commerece, Brand Building or all of them put together, accomplishing these essential fundamentals will inevitably lead to Profitability.

Is your website balancing Design, Content & Usability in equal ratios?
Is your website fulfilling your digital goal?
Would you like to understand our formula in depth?
Is your website laying flat on its back?
 Is your stagnant website running your business into the ground?
How we can help you help your website flourish?
Got anymore questions for us?
Are you losing clients and brand reputation?
Is your website eye catching?
Would you like Senseware to build you to the perfect website?
Endless Questions one Answer “Senseware.”

So don’t waste your time browsing through Google searching for answers,
Simply pick up your phone and give us a call or mail us at……….