Wednesday 4 October 2017

OHRM- Online Hotel Revenue Management

Alia and Ranveer are all over the place with their recent MakeMyTrip ads highlighting various scenarios where online hotel and travel bookings are always the better deal than walk-in reservations with a ‘trusted friend’s hotel’. It wasn’t long before India discovered the magic of digital trade and this seeped well into the hospitality sector to give rise to the online hotel revenue management system. Online hotel revenue management or OHRM consists of different parts such as ecommerce websites, travel portal presence, online visibility and social media, digital sales and marketing and online reputation management. Each of these steps are the rungs of the ladder to a very profound professional digital image which result in desirable profits and recognition over the time. Having a website doesn’t always suffice until it’s been optimized to cater to the right target audience. In the times of Twitter with attention spans having reduced drastically it is the visual aids which garner more eyeballs than just pages of content. Hence a catchy yet glitch proof website is a must for hotels as the customer’s options are endless and one must not miss out on opportunities because of website glitches. With travel portals like MakeMyTrip, Goibibo, Yatra and others being the go to sites for holiday bookings, ensuring an impressive presence on these platforms is an absolute must. An extensive website might be of little use if popular travel sites are mapped and your hotel doesn’t feature anywhere.

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Despite of all this, social media plays a magnanimous role in the overall brand image therefore active social media handles with engaging content gives an edge over the competition. Brand recall is an important factor of business and creative social media content etches the brand in consumer’s minds. This constitutes of the online marketing with enticing offers and of late contests being held online. A crucial aspect of OHRM is online reputation management. Assured presence, prompt response and satisfactory query resolutions form to be a strong pillar of trust which leads to loyalty and frequent engagements. We at Senseware understand the sheer importance of OHRM and have been successfully delivering these services for many reputed clients. We believe that OHRM automation and reservation is not just a service but our immense duty as digital partners of a brand and therefore would be glad to extend this partnership as guidance towards your dream online hotel revenue management goals.

Monday 2 October 2017

Essentials of search engine optimization

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After putting tremendous efforts in research, curation, conceptualization and finally executing a premium product is not an easy job. But even after succeeding in doing so a lot of companies lose out to their competition who may or may not be even half as good. Why does this happen? The world is continuously growing leaps and bounds in every sector and with that comes inevitable chaos. To cut through all this clutter and be visible above it all is what bags the prize in today’s times. SEO or search engine optimization is that essential digital marketing tool which gives businesses that centre stage of a platform and help in getting a good amount of exposure. It is a known factor that SEO consists of clever identification of relevant keywords and judicious usage of them in your content which bumps up your ranking in the search list. Every company dreams of managing to crack this as the benefit that awaits them is invaluable. The first few names displayed by the search engine have the benefit of coming across as a trusted and authentic brand. This is very difficult to establish otherwise as it takes customer testimonials, good reviews and social media influencer collaborations which isn’t always viable. Hence SEO becomes the smart yet doable option without burning a huge hole in your pocket. Once companies are more visible and the site has been visited by the consumer a couple of times, they are bound to become familiar to the brand and will come back to the same place irrespective of the listing. A loyal customer foundation is built on such grounds of familiarity and good customer service. Developing good content is a must but having a good SEO rank is of paramount importance as this is the pathway to generating most amount of leads in an economical way. We at Senseware Infomedia understand this SEO rank race and strive to see that you perform well.