Thursday 28 September 2017

Mantra of Digital Marketing

With kids saying A for Apple and B for Blackberry these days, the only difference between us and them is they will never think of the fruit first like us. In such times when technology seems to be the go to option for anything under the sun like reminding yourself to drink sufficient water daily (yes, it exists!) there is no escaping from getting caught in the digital web. Digital marketing has become the imperative step for every industry out there owing to its compactness, humongous reach within seconds and real-time supplier-consumer interactions. With the bombardment of Facebook and Twitter in everyday lives roughly a decade ago it has led to the widespread belief that digital marketing is getting a good hold over these two platforms, which is not entirely true looking from an overall perspective of digital marketing.

While FB and Twitter come under social media, which is a sub branch of digital marketing. There are various other social media platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube, Reddit, Tumblr and many more which serve as a medium to connect with different audience. But digital marketing consists of other sub branches too such as personalized websites, blogs, banners, video content, PPC (Pay per click) advertising, emailers and new media such as augmented reality, MMS/SMS marketing. Digital marketing isn’t just about posting content online, it is the complete conceptualization and creation of an apt digital version of you, which is in tune with your core values and brand architecture. This has to be strongly reflected in your websites and content in your blogs and vlogs. You may have happy customers who like your product but with such cut-throat competition it is important to keep updating them with your latest developments through emailers and newsletters. They’re more significant than social media posts because people might forget to check social accounts but they cannot miss their mails. PPC is a commonly used technique to garner more traffic compared to organic traction. Whatsapp and SMSes play a crucial role in engaging customers therefore is one of the most preferred mediums. And lastly but definitely game changing new attractions like augmented reality are taking digital marketing to the next level, which will open new doors of communication.

Friday 22 September 2017

The Art Of Website Conversation

Is your website communicating what you want it to? Ensure your visitors aren’t getting lost here.

With attention spans getting shorter every passing day, the amount of time available to entice and get hold of people’s attention is diminishing rapidly. There was an age of long blog posts and threads which has been reduced to listicles and 140 character tweets now. Though digital medium serves as a free platform for reaching out to your customers, there’s an equal amount of clutter everywhere which can fail the entire purpose behind having a good website. Having relevant content is an important step but presenting it in an apt way is no less. In the race to grab eyeballs, flashy and quirky graphics may work but if the visitor loses his way out after coming on board, it serves no purpose resulting in a lost business opportunity. Creativity is necessary but not at the cost of business. Layouts that are stylish yet simple, lucid enough to navigate easily to the desired destination should be the priority of every website designer. A website is the digital portrait of a brand therefore it is imperative for it to be in sync with the brand ideologies.

Integrating these values along with focused fundamental points of communication necessary to answer estimated customer query instead of generic layouts works wonders. One of the most popular ways to ensure visitors are guided throughout the visit is through customised info graphics. Instead of bulky paragraphs giving out instructions, simple illustrations, icons doing the same are much preferred. As simple as it may sound, industry jargons are best avoided or at least should be simplified for someone who might not be familiar to the terms. Colour schemes are important, choose such colours which don’t have any conflict with colour blind parameters. Search box sizes should be optimum and a web chat service has become quite common these days which help visitors in real time. This helps to retain anyone who for any reason didn’t find what they were looking for but still might choose to stay on because the brand cares enough to provide guidance on the spot, it’s very unlikely for people to wait for a get back to me mail. In all a holistic approach to having clear communication chalking out the benefits and creating strong possible future business leads lies in effective customer conversation. We at Senseware understand this crucial need and strive to chart out proper communication strategies for all our clients.