Wednesday 26 July 2017

The rising smartphone saga

If 50 years down the line someone predicted about having the entire world in one’s hand, it would have been laughed off as a joke, a dreamy fictional story. But who knew that one day we’d actually be witnessing the exact phenomena and it would become such an integral part of human’s lives. Money, gold and such valuables were feared to get stolen but in today’s times, an equivalent of that is when one taps their pockets and bags to find their phones missing. How did an electronic device seep in so deeply into everyone’s lives? The answers are not very surprising.

From small, pre-set, heavy handsets with binary uses to smartphones with voice integrated controls and customized settings, mobile phones have surely evolved due to the continuous dynamic demands and preferences of customers. It was a phone so the obviously the expectation was set- communication. It was a huge wonder now to not wait at home for a phone call that you might miss if you stepped out instead you could just do the same now wherever you want. If that wasn’t amazing enough, the fact that one could use it as alarms and torches was such a marvel. Old stereos were replaced with compact radios on the go, thanks to mobiles. Music industry saw a revolution in terms of reach, now with everyone being able to access their favorite songs instead of waiting to get lucky, hoping for it to feature on television or radio. The golden era of enjoying mp3s had arrived which was enhanced further with the introduction of Bluetooth. Photo albums went on to become vintage properties with digital albums being exchanged every minute. 

With India having more phones than toilets, it isn’t very stunning to see the rapid growth of the telecom industry. From being just a device to keep in touch with family and friends, mobile phones now stand to be as personal assistants everyone can have at their beck and call. Shopping, photography, travelling, food, games, news and a whole new gamut of every other service in the world was available is now available just at the tap of a finger. With the advent of Youtube, Vimeo, and other video streaming sites, a new livelihood is now seeing exponential growth in the form of online content makers and influencers. Social media is an inseparable part of every individual’s life, shaping their ideas and minds like never before. With hours being spent on phones per week for entertainment as well as work the future just seems to be a world depended on apps for every basic need. The latest development being phones used as remotes for television and air conditioner, screen casting content through gadgets like ChromeCast, a revolution has been witnessed by this generation and one can only wait to see what other wonders does the future hold in this digital realm.


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